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Hee Weon Park

Introduction: My name is Hee Weon Park, and I am a third year law student at Lewis & Clark Law School.

To briefly explain my educational background, my B.A. is in English literature and political science, and my M.A. is in English linguistics. I have extensive experience as a private tutor teaching English for over 8 years, and also was an active debater myself during my undergraduate years. I served as a treasurer and president for the varsity debate team at Ewha Woman's University during which I participated in numerous international and domestic debating competitions both as a debater and an adjudicator.

My strength as a debate coach is quite unique. As a firm believer of positive enforcement, I focus on amplifying each student's strength rather than "correcting" his/her mistakes. With proper approach, debating can not only be educational, but also enjoyable. My goal is to help students find interest in debating and ultimately develop professional debating skills.

As all debaters say, "Once a debater, always a debater." I am truly excited to share my experience with students and introduce them to a whole new world of debating. I look forward to meeting you all. Thank you.

Teaching Course(s):
Middle School Public Debate & Mock Tournaments

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