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Kim Pruski-Dehnert

Introduction: Kim Pruski-Dehnert has been working with children for over 25 years in diverse educational, cultural and socioeconomic settings which have included Montessori Philosophy, Talented & Gifted, Waldorf Education, and teaching in Japan, Mexico, India and Nepal.

Kim strives to foster an educational environment rich in collaboration, creative expression and inquiry-based challenges which lead to exploration, self-empowerment and ownership of one's learning. Kim received her BS degree in Elementary Education from Illinois State University in '91 and continues to enrich her professional development through continuing higher education classes at Pacific University, Portland State and the Michael Institute.

When she is not teaching, Kim enjoys spending time with her 3 daughters. She devotes time to indulge in the expansive natural wonder here in the Pacific NW, including hiking, yoga, the fine arts, live music performances, community-based enrichment and multi-cultural events.

Teaching Course(s):
Creative Writing 4-5-6
Writing & Speech
Explorations in Science

About Us | Our Philosophy
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