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Zhijun Leileizhijun@gmail.com503-290-9507PDXRunner

Education: Ph.D Computer Science and Engineering

Introduction: I have been working as an engineer for about 15 years with many high tech companies in the semiconductor industry, and with Intel for the last 10 years. My main job function involves researching and designing various algorithms and hardware modules for video compression in Intel CPU.

Outside my main job, I am interested in outdoor activities, such as long distance running and hiking, etc. Currently I am also serving as a board member of the Tech for Kids club and I am interested in teaching and tutoring kids for various computer science Classes, such as programming, algorithms, etc. My teaching philosophy is that a good tutor should focus on teaching not only the course material itself, but also the thought process and learning approaches to enable kids to be able to learn independently.

During past teaching experience, I have been constantly observing children’s learning habit and seeking their feedback to adjust my teaching style. I believe keeping children interested and engaged is the foundation for learning any topics.

Teaching Course(s):
Python Programming for Beginners
Advanced Python Programming

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