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Jenny Baber

Introduction: I am a certified teacher who has tutored privately and in a professional learning center for the past twenty years. I received my teaching degree for Indiana University and have taught in Indiana, Ohio, and Oregon school districts.

I have gained valuable experience from tutoring in learning centers and school districts. I incorporate my knowledge and and curriculum in my private tutoring/class sessions. Nothing can take the place of enrichment classes to give your child the extra edge he/she needs for school success.

I have experience with SAT/ACT, IOWA, OAKS, HSPT, SMARTER BALANCED and Cogat testing. I also edit student essays. Enrolling your student in enrichment classes is great way to maintain a student's positive outlook on his/her studies while at the same time improving specific skills.

Teaching Course(s):
Comprehensive Writing & Language for High School Academic Excellent & SAT, PSAT and ACT Prep
Comprehensive Reading for High School Academic Excellent & SAT, PSAT and ACT Prep

Zamia Chowdhury

Education: MS in Computer Science

Introduction: Zamia Chowdhury received her MS in Computer Science from Poly technique University, Brooklyn, NY. She worked as a Software Engineer at Intel Corporation for 11+ years.

Zamia has extensive experience in C#, C, Visual C++(.Net), Java, Python and Perl in Linux and Windows platforms. She enjoys teaching kids. Recently Zamia has started an after school programming club at Cedar Park Middle school with her son Ahnaf Chowdhury. She plans to teach Python programming at MiT School during summer.

Ahnaf Chowdhury

Introduction: Ahnaf Chowdhury is currently a High School student at School of Science and Technology, Beaverton School District, Beaverton. During taking AP computer Science courses at SST Ahnaf learnt Python and Java programming. He loves programming and has started a computer coding club at Cedar Park Middle School early this year. From this experience he thought it would be nice to teach Python programming for the middle school students during this summer at MiT School.

Besides programming, Ahnaf is a volunteer staff at American Red Cross where he helps organizing community based blood drives. He is also a volunteer staff at Kaiser Permanente West side Hospital. Ahnaf loves teaching kids and volunteering for humanity. Ahnaf is also a Junior resident writer of Cedar Mill Living Magazine, a local community based magazine on Art, Science and Sports.

Meredith Goddard

Introduction: Meredith Goddard has a decade of high school teaching experience in public and private schools. Most recently, Meredith spent five years at Catlin Gabel School where she started the school's economics program, created a new 9th grade social studies curriculum, directed Senior Projects, and founded Startup Camp, a weekend-long entrepreneurship challenge open to all Portland area high school students.

Meredith is passionate about breaking down the barriers between school and the world. She left the classroom to launch Five Years In, an educational initiative to prepare young people for the future of work. Meredith develops learning experiences and strategies to to provide young people with the skills, connections, experiences and online presence needed to thrive in the innovation economy.

Meredith is also a strategy coach for students to define and find success in the world outside of school. Her "In & Edge" coaching is designed to help students translate their academic successes to workplace needs, claim a mission statement, develop a powerful network, and own a compelling online identity that invites opportunities now and into the future. She is passionate about helping young people overcome the "experience gap" and preparing students to thrive in a freelance world.

Teaching Course(s):
The Founder's Edge: Strategic Entrepreneurship in an Era of Innovation
Innovation Workshop: Making Ideas Happen
The Side-Hustle for Students: Strategy and Income for the Freelance Future of Work

Chunming Han

Education: PhD

Introduction: Dr Han obtained his PhD from the University of Connecticut. He taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Portland State University as an adjunct professor.

He deeply loves physics and has been teaching physics in the past six years. He is also a very famous go-to person for any physics questions. Han was the director of engineering of Imcorp. He worked for Intel, invented several patents for the company.

Teaching Course(s):
Comprehensive High School Physics

Beining Hu

Teaching Course(s):
After-School Program

Julia Jin

Teaching Course(s):
Comprehensive High School Physics

Liyi Li

Introduction: Dr. Liyi Li is currently a Senior Materials and Failure Analysis Engineer at Intel Corp.

He won a first prize in 2006 Chinese National Chemistry Competition for High School Students.

He received his bachelor degree in Chemistry from Peking University, Beijing, China in 2007, and Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2016.

His research interest expands in organic synthesis, polymers and inorganic nanomaterials. Dr. Li has co-authored over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals and IEEE conferences. He has also lead one U.S. patent application.

Tie Li

Introduction: Li Tie was born in Beijing, China and now lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He works primarily in charcoal, oil and mixed media and his favorite subjects are human faces, history, culture, and nature.

You can click here to view his works.

Leon Liu

Silu Men

Introduction: I am currently an undergraduate student at The Johns Hopkins University. I am studying Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. After I graduate, I hope to attend medical school.

My experience in the computer science field comes from teaching many Scratch classes, teaching multiple Python classes and taking Introduction to Java.

Hee Weon Park

Introduction: My name is Hee Weon Park, and I am a third year law student at Lewis & Clark Law School.

To briefly explain my educational background, my B.A. is in English literature and political science, and my M.A. is in English linguistics. I have extensive experience as a private tutor teaching English for over 8 years, and also was an active debater myself during my undergraduate years. I served as a treasurer and president for the varsity debate team at Ewha Woman's University during which I participated in numerous international and domestic debating competitions both as a debater and an adjudicator.

My strength as a debate coach is quite unique. As a firm believer of positive enforcement, I focus on amplifying each student's strength rather than "correcting" his/her mistakes. With proper approach, debating can not only be educational, but also enjoyable. My goal is to help students find interest in debating and ultimately develop professional debating skills.

As all debaters say, "Once a debater, always a debater." I am truly excited to share my experience with students and introduce them to a whole new world of debating. I look forward to meeting you all. Thank you.

Kim Pruski-Dehnert

Introduction: Kim Pruski-Dehnert has been working with children for over 25 years in diverse educational, cultural and socioeconomic settings which have included Montessori Philosophy, Talented & Gifted, Waldorf Education, and teaching in Japan, Mexico, India and Nepal.

Kim strives to foster an educational environment rich in collaboration, creative expression and inquiry-based challenges which lead to exploration, self-empowerment and ownership of one's learning. Kim received her BS degree in Elementary Education from Illinois State University in '91 and continues to enrich her professional development through continuing higher education classes at Pacific University, Portland State and the Michael Institute.

When she is not teaching, Kim enjoys spending time with her 3 daughters. She devotes time to indulge in the expansive natural wonder here in the Pacific NW, including hiking, yoga, the fine arts, live music performances, community-based enrichment and multi-cultural events.

Zhikui Ren

Education: M.S. Electrical Engineering

Introduction: I have been working as a software engineer for high tech company for 20 years. I coached and mentored Lego team for 5 years.

Teaching Course(s):
Fun Math in Problem Solving for Elementary School
Algebra Readiness

Oregon Hope Chinese School

Introduction: Oregon Hope Chinese School (OHCS) is an Oregon state and IRS-recognized public benefit nonprofit organization that was founded by a group of professional educators and parents in 2005.

Our mission is to teach the community about Chinese language (Mandarin, using Pinyin and simplified characters), culture, and heritage, without discriminating based on race, color, religion, or national origin. Children as young as two and half years old can enroll and learn Chinese. Gifted, dedicated educators make learning Chinese Mandarin fun and entertaining, and educational for your child.

Anna Sell

Introduction: Armed with a BA in Theater Arts as well as a Professional Training Program Certification from the Dell'arte International School of Physical Theater, Anna Sell has set out to change the minds of youth through teaching. Although theater is Sell's primary discipline, she finds that the art form encompasses more than just performance.

Sell's teaching career began over a decade ago. Since moving to Portland five years ago, she has taught at several PPS schools in their enrichment programs and is currently on staff at PHAME Academy, teaching a variety of music and theater classes. She is thrilled to be joining the teaching team at MiT as the public speaking and creative writing instructor. Sell aims to bring forth both seriousness and playfulness from her all her students.

Teaching Course(s):
Creative Writing 5-6-7
Elementary School Public Speaking 1
Elementary School Public Speaking 2

Myla Sepulveda

Introduction: Myla Sepulveda graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a B.A. in Political Science. She currently works as a Law Clerk in the Office of General Counsel at Bonneville Power Administration where she assists primarily with bankruptcy and environmental law issues. She also volunteers at the Lewis & Clark Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic where she represents taxpayers of lesser means in controversies with the Internal Revenue Service, including audits and appeals before that agency, and trials and hearings before the U.S. Tax Court. She is currently a third-year law student at Lewis & Clark Law School and the Form & Style Editor of the Lewis & Clark Environmental Law Review. Recent achievements include receiving the "Best Oral Advocate" Award for the 2016 First Year Moot Court Competition.

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

She looks forward to working with each student as they learn to become confident and engaging public speakers.

John Spurgeon

Education: B.S. Computer Science

Introduction: John Spurgeon graduated from Purdue University with a degree in computer science. He worked as a computer programmer at Intel Corporation for twenty years and currently teaches AP Computer Science courses at Valley Catholic High School.

Teaching Course(s):
Introduction to the Art of Computer Programming Level 1
Introduction to the Art of Computer Programming Level 2
AP Computer Science

Ali Wayne

Teaching Course(s):
After-School Program

Eric Winger

Introduction: Eric Winger is a noted Speech Teacher, Coach, and Engineer. He has been presenting and coaching for 8 years and has given hundreds of speeches, workshops, and presentations. Eric coaches students aged eight to eighty.

His speech teaching philosophy is that every student is a unique individual with special gifts to enhance and challenges to overcome. Eric understands that speaking is not something you can learn overnight; it takes instruction plus repeated practice to build effective habits which will result in confidence and improved communication skills. Perhaps most importantly, Eric's classes are fun!

- 2012 District 7 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest Champion
- 2014 District 7 Toastmasters Evaluation Contest Champion
- 2013/14 Herb C. Stude Award for Educational Excellence
- 2016 Distinguished Toastmaster

Coaching Experience:
- Little Toasties youth speaking club founder and head coach
- Four year coach at Future Stars Toastmasters - A youth speaking club
- 2016/17 PTO President / ACMA School Beaverton, Oregon
- Destination Imagination team manager for 5 elementary and middle school teams
- Long-time judge for speech contests as well as debate competitions
- Sponsor of two winning students in annual Pamplin Media Group's Amazing Kid Award

Teaching Course(s):
Middle School Public Speech 1
Middle School Public Speech 2
Middle School Public Speech 3
Middle School Public Debate & Mock Tournaments

Weishan Xia

Education: M.S. Computer Science and Engineering

Introduction: I have been a software engineer with Intel for about 16 years. I love kids, math and end up with teaching kids math for the last 5 years. I enjoyed teaching kids and learned a lot from them too!

Teaching Course(s):
Fun Math in Problem Solving for Elementary School
Algebra Readiness

Justin Xia

Qian Zhang

Education: M.S. Computer Science

Introduction: I have been a software engineer for over 20 years, currently working for Intel Security in Hillsboro.

I love science and sometimes math. I believe science education is vital to our children's future and should be fun and exciting.

Teaching Course(s):
National Science Bowl Practice

Jay Zhao

Introduction: Dr Zhao has rooted in science & engineering and has many publications in different science fields. He likes education with many years of teaching experiences in China and US. His lectures are rich in fun and lively.

The active learning method he advocates is effective and saving time, welcome by many students. Currently Dr Zhao is the solution architect in system management company of Carlson Wagonlit Travel Corp.

He got his PhD from the University of Akron in civil engineering with special focus on mathematical modeling.

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